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NQE281 에너지, 환경 및 물

2012.12.21 15:17

관리자 조회 수:9062

Infomation of Course

Career Undergraduate program [ 학사과정 ] Course Type Major Elective [ 전공선택 ]
Course Number 33.281 System Number NQE281
Section English English
L:L:C(AU) 3:0:3.0(0) Exam Hours
Tue: 09:00~12:00 
Course Title Energy, Environment and Water [ 에너지, 환경 및 물 ]
Hours of instruction
Tue: 09:00~10:30 / (N7)BLDG. of Mechanics Engineering [ (N7)기계공학동 ] (2419) 
Thu: 09:00~10:30 / (N7)BLDG. of Mechanics Engineering [ (N7)기계공학동 ] (2419) 

Infomation of Professor

Name 정용훈( Yong Hoon Jeong)
Department 원자력및양자공학과(Nuclear and Quantum Engineering)
Phone 042-350-3826
E-Mail jeongyh@kaist.ac.kr

Plan of Lecture

Syllabus File NQE281_2013.hwp
Syllabus URL
Summary of Lecture
Material for Teaching
Evaluation Criteria
Lecture Schedule
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